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Mo Elyas

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of technical and creative processes designed to increase your business's visibility on Google and other Search engines. In practice, that means that your Framing business should appear when people are trying to solve any kind of Framing-related problems, especially in your geographical area.

As you know, only your repeat customers will search specifically for you on Google. The vast majority of others don't know about you, so they are searching for things like "Canvas framing", "Framing shop near me" or "Gallery Wall examples".

Why do I need SEO?

No matter if we like it or not, people are online. Even older generations. Mostly through Mobile phones. While our physical storefront faces one street or two in best case scenario, we have an opportunity to also have another one that faces the whole neighborhood and the City. Even the whole country if necessary.

That special kind of online storefront needs people that "walk by" too. you know, location, location, location. SEO is the ultimate tool that brings that traffic. The only alternatives are expensive Google Ads, various banners, Paid Social Media advertising etc. All those work only while you are paying for them. SEO on the other hand builds up assets that stay online permanently. It starts slower but it grows exponentially, overtaking all other marketing efforts.

The other reason is because your competition most probably doesn't do it, or at least not properly. You have an opportunity to leave them all in dust.

Will SEO work with my (old) website?

Well, it depends. Time flies when it comes to technology. Website needs to stay up to date with new modern devices, faster internet speed, modern demands... Most of today's website visitors are on Mobile phones. Often more than 80% of them. If your website cannot accommodate this traffic, then there is no much point in boosting it. Luckily, we can build you a modern, good looking and professional website with strong SEO foundations built-in. We can take ongoing SEO efforts from there. This would tremendously increase your online traffic.

If you do have a modern website, then SEO might work. We have to do an audit first to make sure. We work with WordPress which powers over 30% of all websites on Internet.

So what will you do?

Lot of things. Providing that your website is technically in good shape, we will first make sure that it is discoverable by Google and registered with them. We will then fix all existing on-page SEO that we might find incorrect. Next, in this initial setup, we will make sure your off-page online presence is as it should be, mostly regarding your Google Business listing.

Once we have all things set-up, it is time for ongoing content creation. We will create a well researched and targeted content. Each of these content pieces will target the most attractive keywords your potential audience is searching for, within the Framing niche. Basically those are solutions to problems they are trying to solve.

There is practically no SEO without constantly written new fresh content.
We will make sure to have a "Sales funnel" in place. This means that our goal is not to simply educate people and let them go. We want to use the content only as a hook, and once they are reading it, we will make sure to convey your Unique Selling Proposition to them. We want them to remember you, and to easily find you. We want them wanting to come and visit your shop.

We will also make sure that a proper Analytics is set up with Conversion metrics. This means that you will actually see the rate of the growth and how effective the SEO efforts are.

And you say it is worth it?

Absolutely. An experienced fisherman comes home regularly with full nets. That is because he has his secret spots where the fish is. In today's world that is not a secret at all: the fish is online.

Let's throw the net together and catch some new customers. The bigger the net, the more fish it catches. Broadening your Organic reach is the best and most affordable way to do it. And ultimately the most effective one, with highest ROI (Return On Investment) possible.

But how fast I can expect tangible results?

Immediately, in most cases.

However, this depends on where you are now. Your present SEO (intentional or unintentional) can be positive, neutral or counter-productive. We need to establish this starting point. This also depends on how authoritative your website is. This is mostly tied to how old it is. The older, the better. Then it also depends on the strength of the competition in your area. We will determine this too.

So let's say that you haven't done any serious SEO efforts so far and you don't have much connection to Google. By initial fixing of the technical stuff, your organic reach can jump significantly. However, this is not enough. You need constant fresh content, because otherwise there is nothing to apply SEO to.

So if you have one post published monthly, and all of them are well targeted for the most common searcher intents in your niche, we can expect good rankings in 6 months for the few of the most searched keywords. We can expect great stuff in one year.

Then, in 1.5 and 2 year range, we can expect total domination. This earned throne is very, very difficult to take away from you. You are now ahead of your competition and you can keep that pace. All your organic reach is there to stay. It will work for you as you sleep. You need just minimal effort to keep it fresh and relevant. Many of the content is evergreen.

No matter how much you pay for paid ads, SEO will ultimately take over. We see that so often: despite ongoing paid advertising, SEO brings more than 70% of the traffic. This is very well worth it.

Ok, I'm sold. But will this cost me an arm and a leg?

The best thing is: no! We are determined to keep the prices as low as possible so you can afford it right now.

SEO certainly can be very expensive (just google around). In US, 71% of SEO agencies keep an hourly rate between $101 and $200. and not less than $2.000 for a single project). Wit all we do, it is impossible to spend less than 5 hours in the initial setup (sometimes much more), and a single content piece can hardly be written, optimized and publish in less than 5 hours.

We have decided to go with promotional price as low as $500 for the initial setup and then $250 monthly for the ongoing content creation and optimization. This is barely profitable but we believe that we will gain trust of few dozen of Framers living in English-speaking countries Worldwide. Once we hit the upper threshold of how many Framers we can handle, we will then increase the prices for newcomers, but we will keep the same prices for you.

On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and Content creation

Content is not there to educate people and let them leave. We'll make sure a funnel is in place that takes care of your business not getting unnoticed.
$250/month$500 setup fee for the first month, including the first post
  • On-Page initial fixes

    We will go through your existing website and configure it for SEO the proper way

  • Crawlability and Indexabilty

    This happens too often: the website is not even properly indexable by Google. We’ll make sure it is

  • Schema Markup

    Apart from basic Meta data, there is a hidden language that tells Google more precisely about you. We’ll make sure this is present on your site

  • Off-page initial fixes

    How does your Business listing look like? Citations? Many local SEO opportunities lie around

  • Off-page Reviews

    You are probably aware that Reviews play an important role. We’ll make sure you get them more, and don’t left unmanaged.

  • NAP

    NAP stands for (Name, Address, Phone). This must be consistent, precise, clear, engageable, interactive and prominent. We’ll make sure it is.

  • Content Creation

    There is no serious SEO without content. We will make sure you have fresh content from the Framers niche. We belong to this niche so it is not a problem for us to come up with it.

  • Content Optimization

    Having content for the sake of filling-in a blog post is far from enough. It needs to be engaging, well formatted and properly optimized. We know this very well.

  • Sales Funnel

    Content is not there to educate people and let them leave. We’ll make sure a funnel is in place that takes care of your business not getting unnoticed.


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