Comments from Friday

Mohammed Elyas: Time for another Friday Frames!-Let’s see which projects you finished this week.

Margot Nicolson-trott: Simple combination frame

Danielle Garman Walsh: None

Danielle Garman Walsh: None

Danielle Garman Walsh: None

Jocelyn Holland: None

Cheryl Wacks: Time at the beach!!!!

Kim Knuth Saragoni: None

Jarrod J. Perrott: None

Elizabeth Boswell: None

Elizabeth Boswell: had a little time to do a fun project

Melissa Carter: None

Melissa Carter: Holographic albums in a deep chunky black lacquer

Jessica Edghill: Old fly fishing gear

Sandra Jones: large diptych, in house white wash maple stock. installed.

Ilsa Bouyoucos: We all know conservation clear doesn’t photograph so easily unless you want to be in the picture too, but I have about ten posters for a customer I’ve been doing and this is my favorite of them all. Holographic!

Joe Gay: 2.5m tall, seem to only be doing giant framing recently. !

Anita Thompson Wade: None

Troy Veluz: None

Lauren Shelton: 44×45

Ramon Pool: Vintage photograph of my clients grandmother

Penni Coleman Litzau: Graduation of my best friend’s daughter. Nielsen metal frame.

Melissa Carter: Finishing up this for my dad for Father’s Day

Susan Kaulbars: Packers anyone? A “illustration” line only image of the stadium printed on canvas as the background

Kristen Ling: None

Oksana Yurova-Matkovska: None

Christian Harwell: Original 1977 Star Wars one sheet. Linen backed and double stacked frames with Reflection Control UV acrylic.

Darla Revelle: None

Anita Thompson Wade: None

Kathryn Holcomb: I couldn’t get a good picture of this project. It is a print on mirrored paper. I used a mirror paint to extend the lines onto the mat. I wrapped the bevel in a mirrored tape to continue the look. I then added some geometric pieces to balance the image within the mat.

Dave Crowell: None

Jaimee Wilson Langston: None

Nicole LeBlanc Sanchez: None

Brian Brace: None

Greig O’Kane: A retired engineers hammer

Mark Klostermeyer: Wedding annoucement with a tassel

Christopher Mayberry: When pillow cases become wall decor!!

Deb Peter Reinhold: None

Mac Murphy: None

Emily Smith: None

Béa Léonie: None

Tamara Baca: None

Jacob Duggan: Papua New Guinean War shield

Mandi Kerr: Almost finished anyways.

Keith Grebinger: None

Lisa Kuhl: None

Robyn Mathes-Bryant: Before making completing the slices. Picture of Randolph AFB from 1953

Diane McVicker Morris: Haven’t gotten it put together yet, it has a black shadow box frame. But the printing came out great!

Trent Brown: reused vintage tree slice frame