Comments from Friday

Mohammed Elyas: Time for another Friday Frames!-Let’s see which projects you finished this week.

Adil Gandhy:

James Knill:

Tashia Peterman: Client wanted to see front and back of the coin

Mohammed Elyas: Our client was named 34th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes. We made a custom milled walnut frame and hand stained it for this project.

Dayana Moreno:

Christine Doleshal:

Michael Gluckman: 3″ white lacquer ball moulding

Max Mellor-Belcher: Hand painted bevel on the green top mat (with pastels)

Chris Oyler:

Jocelyn Holland:

Anita Thompson Wade:

TC Bowers: Framed two flags that flew over the state hous for our local state park to display in their new rental facility. Framed size 53×72.

Susan Grassman Snyder: I took a much needed week off!

Troy Veluz: Eminem signed poster

John Hobbis:

Henry McCoy: Our first triple stack. The customer knew what she wanted so I just let her keep building.

Béa Léonie:

Katie Gianni: A cool fruit bowl painting I picked up on vacation.

Mark Klostermeyer: A large project

Darla Revelle: Productive week!

Darla Revelle:

Shawn Bailey:

Melissa Carter: The Guest Book for a destination wedding in Jamaica

Christopher Mayberry: Suite of 4 sports large sports photos, done with LJ Spoleto moulding and Museum glass.

Nicole LeBlanc Sanchez:

Beth Pusel:

Christian Harwell: Space shuttle model, photo and patches. I painted the earth to create a background for the model and attached the frame to it so it all hangs as one piece. The orange plate is a repo of the bottom of fuel tank that was autographed.
(Customer was so ha… See more

Ursula Overdiek:

Keith Grebinger:

Glenn Parker:

Christopher Setlock: My coworker Zofia designed this, and just finished it: Antique Japanese print. Closed corner frame from A Street.

Theresa Stockdale Hostiuck: Matched set. The pipe has the political cartoon carved around it. Both are from the civil war.

Sara Larson:

Margot Nicolson-trott: How about some (Canadian winter) surfing photos for the first day of summer

Matt Medla: We thought it would look better if it wasn’t just flat
Then we had to figure out where to put the stitches… See more

Kris Cosby:

Kris Cosby:

Kris Cosby:

Deb Peter Reinhold:

David Bratto: Nothing special, except that it’s pretty big. 40×60. And I really like Pearl Jam. I reinforced the Shoji moulding with corner brackets.

Jo Snyder:

Jo Snyder:

Danielle O’Donnell Gerard:

Scott D Reisher: My first signed Warhol to come through the door

Katria Wood Isaacs:

Matt Culberson: Framed a set of 24 botanicals from 1817.

Angie Anderson:

Colleen T Schutzer: Zelda metal plate shadow box float with awesome discontinued matting.

Lewis Bolton: Swimming caps……once I fill the shape of the cap with 3mm foamcore cut to shape on CMC, I then split the filler in half, slide the half filler pieces into the cap then spread them original shape and rejoin them with magic tape. To eliminate pin holes th… See more

Susan Boni:

Susan Boni: Ayla’s close up

Susan Boni: Superior with amci. And specialty matte board/ bainbridge. Museum glass.

Susan Boni:

Lisa Gaw:

Edith Antl: A fun stack for a needlepoint.

Nicole Ahrendt Veith:

Stephen Page:

Agatha Blaszkowska:

Agatha Blaszkowska:

McKenna Lape: Cute pink Roma frame

Piri Patrissi: Window display