Comments from Friday

Mohammed Elyas: Time for another Friday Frames!-Let’s see which projects you finished this week.

Chris Oyler:

Chris Oyler:

Evan O:

Anita Thompson Wade:

Dale Garrett Edwards: For a Father’s Day gift.

Mohammed Elyas:

Sandy Seaman: Almost done…. No wait… can I add one more plzzzzzz

Raymond Sweeney: Fun and challenging project

Susan Kaulbars: Fun with line details!

Jason Nix: Run up to Atlanta for a bunch more strainer stock.

Ursula Overdiek:

Treasure Anne Dragseth: 8” deep shadow box.

Jay Cousins:

Susan Boni: Esquire original watercolor. Used the magazine ( color copy). Nothing was harmed in the making. And the frame base I always use “franks fabrics cc liner. “


Christopher Mayberry:

Christopher Mayberry:

Christian Harwell: A little shadowbox in celebration of a Disney wedding.

Fabrica De Tablouri:

James McDonald:

Penni Coleman Litzau: So glad she used some color and the black frame was beveled.

Robert Gulf: Pretty simple job, not too exciting. It was a gift for a customer whose friend turned 80. I said “I’ve done something like this before”, and they said “Yeah! When he turned 40, you did XL”. Feeling a little older right now.
I don’t think I’ll be framing CXX

Agatha Blaszkowska:

Jupe T. Gale: Alexander Calder “Mars Equation”

Scott Dawson: Handcrafted gloss black with a custom closed corner fillet toned with a tinted clear on this peter Lik photo

Jenifer Newby: An original piece from an artist out of Vegas. Customers like it big and shiny! The fun part was floating it with reflection control plexi glass

Nicole Francoeur:

Glenn Parker:

Glenn Parker:

Glenn Parker:

Melanie Jarman:

Betsy Wagner: Book plate from the first edition of Captain James Cooke’s book about exploring the southern hemisphere. Document is encapsulated in Mylar.

Tashia Peterman: I really want to buy this from the artist for myself.

Doreen Winnicky:

Benjamin B Purvis: My customer with his order. I made the frame from 2x4s that I squared up on my jointer and planer, then gave a rough cut look to the front and side with an old table saw blade with a tooth bent out just a smidge.

Cheryl Wacks: Just a simple double matted, framed photo of a barber giving a shave

Lacey Allen: An amazing, 1 of a kind, Brian Dowdall
super blessed to work with this one.

Mike Bosich: Rare nautilus shell
on foamboard shelf