Mohammed Elyas: Want a $10K Grants For Your Frame Shops? The stimulus bill that just past allows for that. Watch this video to find out more, you can follow the discussion at this link.

Download this PDF for some frequently asked questions.

Mohammed Elyas: The Daily-ish Show. In this daily-ish show, I interview some framers who will share with use their stories and how they have gone through difficult times and what they did to succeed during these time. Here is a list:
– Framers Only Daily-ish Show: Conversation with Justin Sachs
Mohammed Elyas Be the Boss! Don’t Panic! Save Your Cash! Call Your Landlord, ask for a discount!Watch this video for the rest of the discussion.

Lynn Cowan: SBA’s Disaster Declaration Makes Loans Available Due to COVID-19: The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) presentation will. Download this pdf file to follow along. You can watch the presentation at this link. This presentation was made to a KY Chamber of commerce.
Mohammed Elyas F.A.Q. on Stimulus Checks, Unemployment and the Coronavirus Bill
Check this link for details.
Greg Perkins has a daily post every weekday in the group. They are really awesome design discussions in each post. Don’t miss them. Click here to see them all.

– Done for you: Crystal Clark recommended this company to make websites for frame shops. I called and get a nice package $399 for you all to take advantage of. See details at this link.
– Do it yourself: Katherine Dahlstet asked about websites … “I must get my new website built and up quickly now… reasonably easy sales platform. Suggestions? Thanks!!!!”. There are a bunch of good responses. Check them out at this link.
– Learn Word Pres for Frame Shops: Troy Veluz did a live tutorial and built a DIY website from scratch. Check that out here.
Susan Gittlen Google Ads is giving our SMBs worldwide $340 million in ad credits, which can be used at any point until the end of 2020 across our Google Ads platforms, click this link to follow the conversation. Click this link to see details on Google.

Framers Only Daily Show: Medi Bendanna, Myself and other framers will be doing a live video show to help each other learn, cope, progress and move forward during this time. Check out the videos at this link.
Kirstie Bennett After being shut down last night with about 5 hours notice, I would advise others to prepare for this in advance. Among a lot of other thins, we had to contact customers, rush to finish some work, send some jobs out by courier, make plans for payroll over the next 3 weeks, contact corporate accounts, send a letter to all staff, plan for upcoming newsletters, equip people to do some work from home, have a family member wait in the shop today for packages and mail, print signs for the windows, cancel all vendor orders so they don’t arrive on the sidewalk, change the phone greeting, and more. Strong advice to all: do what you can in advance.
Crystal Clark: Just a tip: call your credit companies and ask for deferred payments. My hubs just got furloughed for 8 weeks and everyone is being super cool. It’s considered a natural disaster. So do what you can to keep a bit more cash on hand.

Randy Parrish: Any accounts I have auto pay set up on I have taken off.
Rob Jenisch & DM Adams: Facebook announces $100 million program for small businesses impacted by coronavirus
Mohammed Elyas: Interview with Dr Bob Morin on how to take precautions and avoid infection, watch video here:

Tami Phillippi: Minnesota it appears has stepped up to the plate with unemployment benefits. I just got a note from the Minnesota Retailers Assn. They are waiving the week long wait period for benefits, extending it to those ill with the virus and unable t o work as well business owners! This is unprecedented as business owners have never been able to collect benefits in Minnesota. The law says we get 5 weeks but it has always been denied. Bruce is reaching out to some legislators to try to get this thing declared a peril so that business interruption insurance will kick in. I would suggest those in Minnesota file for unemployment and inform their staffs. And more importantly, if you are in MN please contact your representatives and senators and have a conversation about the business interruption insurance.
Tami Phillippi: I know contacting my insurer just climbed to the top of my list today. Good day all and stay safe!

Josue Moncada: Source for factual Corona virus information:
Kent Southwell: While it’s not ideal to have to close, people can take advantage of this time to get to things on “the to-do list” apart from framing. Tidy/clean the shop. Reorganize. Paint. Update your website. Stay engaged on social media. Think of what can be done to improve the business besides bringing in work
Mohammed Elyas: I am seeing all kinds of news about different states/cities and agencies offering loans. For example, NYC is offering zero percent interest loans. I have some concerns about this. If this thing lasts 3-4 months, how many of us will still be standing? By the same token, how many vendors and suppliers will still be standing? Is it smart to take out a loan? You would have to pay it back, no? What if they asked for collateral. So, if business never recovers, and you owed a big chunk of money with your house as collateral, how is that a good decision? Follow the conversation here.

Tam O’Neill: Due to Covid19, my state has just shut down all restaurants and bars, schools are closed, they’re telling people to stay home. I have 4 employees…what is everyone doing? Staying open? Closing? Follow the conversation here.
Alex Jacobson: For those who use Square as a CC Processor, you can set up E-Gift Cards and encourage clients to pay ahead for future framing. Instructions here. Here’s the one I set up. Have added links on our Social Media and will be sending out an email shortly.
Randee Mizrach Kilgore: one small thing we did was to open a new box of pens (for customers to sign ccd slips) and have a “clean cup” and “used cup” for the pens. (See pictures below)

Lloyd D Haddad: I received this notice from my insurance agent yesterday. I don’t know the details, but wanted to pass it on for anyone that may be in need of financial assistance. … It has been reported that the Small Business Administration (SBA) is now taking online applications for disaster assistance loans to small businesses. Please go to this link.
Mohammed Elyas: Need to send a mass email blast to your customer? Watch this video about how to do it.

Patrick Fishrick: Here is a sample email I made that you may consider sending to your landlords. Feel free to use it! Thanks for the tip Mo! Hi Landlord,I am planning to close my shop for an indeterminate period of time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I plan to re-open when it is safe and I would like to negotiate to pay a lowered rental amount for the next two months. Please let me know your thoughts on this issue. Regards,… Follow the post here.

Butch Simpson Hey Y’all, I got this from my local chamber yesterday. I’m pretty active with them and reached out once I heard the bill had passed. I’m confused as to what it will mean for me and my 2 employees. Felt a little bit better after reading this. Give it a look if you want. Sorry for our brothers and sisters in other countries, this is only about US laws. Stay safe everybody. And wash your hands…… Follow the conversation here, and read the pdf file here.

Meg Glasgow is posting daily tips about business and marketing strategies to help framers cope with the crisis. Check out her videos at this link. Check out Meg’s Instagram feed at this link.
Free Education for your Business:
Todd Dow posted a video: ICC Profiles Explained, check this link for that.

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