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What do we do and Why?

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Most Framing Websites are stuck in the past

Your Framing Shop is probably colorful, joyful and most enjoyable to visit. However it faces only one street. Two at best. Your Website on the other hand has a potential to face the whole Neighbourhood. Or the City. Or event the Country.

But it won't do it by itself just like that. It has to be modern, fast and optimized for Desktop and Mobile traffic.

We did the research and realized that the great majority of Framing websites are stuck in the past. Many with dated design and technology, but also many that don't even work on Mobile Phones, despite the fact that the mobile traffic is over 80% of all visits nowadays!


That's where we come in!

We know how to build both premium and simple websites. And we are also Successful framers, so we understand the business and specific needs of Framing Shops.

Our Approach goes well beyond dropping text and images into some pre-configured design. We are good at UX (User Experience) design, and we know SEO very well. That means that your website will also be SEO ready in the proper way, and we can even do the Monthly SEO for you if you want. That's huge!

Help your visitors to effortlessly find you

Your website will showcase your business, your services, tell something about your, but it also needs to make people finding your store super-easy.

That means that it needs to be able to initiate Map navigation and have clickable phone number, right from the customer's mobile phone. Sounds like a small thing, yet so many websites don't have that. We take care of dozens of seemingly small details that in the end bring you so much more customers!

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  • Custom Designed Website

    We are adapting the design to the vibe and spirit of your store. It needs to follow the same style and feeling just like people are already there.

  • Website that Works On Mobile

    More than 80% of all visits happening on Mobile phones. Website doesn’t just have to be responsive—it has to anticipate mobile behavior nad adapt to that.

  • Continuously Improve Your Website

    We can set up things so you can monitor what is working great on the website (and bring more of it), and what doesn’t work (and improve it). You can set it and forget it of course, but you can also utilize its full potential. And we are here to help.

  • Great UX (User Experience)

    When a visitors land to your Website, it needs to flow effortlessly. They need to be able to find stuff without any friction, and there must be a Clear Call to Action that shows them what to do next.

Plans & Pricing

These prices are promotional. Click on each item to learn more about it.




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Everything from Basic, +

One year financing possible in most US states. More in the FAQ below. Also 3 and 6 months options available.



Everything from Standard, +

One year financing possible for $445/mo. in most US states. More in the FAQ below.
Also 3 and 6 months options available.

Free Hosting, Maintenance and Unlimited Updates

  • Unlimited Updates

    Add new or update Images, Text

  • Free Hosting

    Dedicated Environment, which means faster and better performance, suitable for 25000 visitors per month

  • SSL

    Security Certificate (Green Padlock)

  • Website Core Updates

    Regular Updates for your website core

  • Website Plugins Update

    Regular Updates for your website plugins

  • Daily Backup

    Safely storing your website backup once per day

  • Additional Security

    Additional Layer of Security with Security plugins

  • You Own Your Website

    You will get a monthly backup of your website automatically, with all files and the Database

  • 2 Days Response Time

    Up to Ten updates per month. The rest get in queue, but usually processed quickly too.


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